EZReboot 1.09

Schedule restarts of your PC


  • Stops your computer over heating by shutting down and restarting
  • Sits in the system tray discreetly


  • More complicated than it needs to be

Not bad

Ever needed to schedule restarts and shut downs of your PC? EZ Reboot allows you to do so in a fairly easy to use and practical way.

It sits in the system tray and resets the PC at regular intervals. To close the Setup screen, click the X button on the Setup screen, and the EZReboot Setup screen closes and the small triangle icon remains running in the system tray. When you run EZReboot for the first time, a blue, green and red triangle icon gets placed in the system tray. To begin setting up the program, right click the triangle icon and pick Setup. From the Setup screen you can tell by just a
glance, if EZReboot is enabled or not, what the current time is and what the current reboot
schedule is.

Although this program works well, it's a little more complicated than it needs to be but is one of the few solutions out there if you need regular shut-downs and restarts.

EZReboot is a tool that allows you to schedule regular reboots of your PC, with an easy to use interface.

No complicated options or cumbersome menus, but rather a clean simple to use tool that can AutoStart with Windows, sit in the system tray, and reset the PC at regular intervals.



EZReboot 1.09

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